Visiting Retreat garden Leidschenveen


Retreat garden is a clinical massage studio, not a spa.

Please note, that at this location, we do provide shower facilities, mainly for scrub treatments. We look forward to impress you.


Free parking is available around the practice: you can park anywhere in the front of the address on Bellemeerstraat, or you can cross the tiny bridge, turn right onto the Housemaster street and park in the lot straight ahead.

Public Transport

Leidschenveen tram and bus station is a 7-minute walk to Retreat Garden. There are a few tramlines and buses that stop there: Metro E, Randstadrail 3 and 4, Tram 19 and Bus 30. When you get to the address, please follow the arrow on the business board.


Bellemeerstraat 60
2493 XN, Den Haag

Bank Transfer

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